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A collection of useful links.

With the Tens of thousands of web sites out there, browsing the internet can sometimes be a daunting task, (well that was back in the mid 90’s). Today there are literally hundreds of millions of webpage’s you can access at any given moment, and browsing the web today can be not only daunting, but in some cases, unsafe as well.
Below is a collection of trusted web sites that I have found over the years to be either useful, interesting or both.


A quick tip, If you have a question you would like answered in a forum, use the search feature built in to the forum, because chances are that a similar question has been asked and answered several times before.

FMX Australia.
A site dedicated to
Providing a great place for discussion on freestyle motocross, racing, having fun, Causing trouble and lots, lots more.!

The Digital Video Information Network!
This is a valuable source of information.
From novice to pro, everything you ever wanted to know about tape, other recording formats such as mp4, avchd, , standard def, high def, ultra high def, 4K, budget to no expense spared. This is the place to ask.

Australian broadband discussion.
From choosing a service provider to sacking one, the biggest broadband discussion forum I know of. It is often quicker to get your broadband problems sorted out by asking questions here rather than ringing your provider.
Quite a few of the people who frequent this forum work in the industry.

Digital Point.
Webmaster forums,
domain name purchasing, hosting, design and execution, if you ever wanted to build your own web site or are already an established webmaster, then join in the conversations with thousands of like minded people.




Here are some great services that I have found over the years that contain a wealth of information, and can help make your internet experience more enjoyable and in some cases safer.
All free unless otherwise stated

Weather Forecasts,
Provides access to up to the minute weather information provided by the Australian governments bureau of meteorology
QLD, NSW, VIC, SA, WA, TAS, ACT, NT, Global.

Internet Archive,
The Internet Archive Way back Machine.
Ever wanted to see what some webpage’s looked like when they first appeared on the net? Or how they have changed through the years? Well the internet archive has been taking snapshots of established websites since the 90s

Test Your Internet Speed,
A great way to see if you are really getting the speed that your service provider says you are getting.
Tests both upload and download speeds.

World Map,
World Multimap, best ive seen so far, I believe it has been brought by Microsoft’s live search, so it is either going to get a lot better or crash lots!

by Brent McCown
Tattoos have always been an expensive thing to collect, so you want to make sure the tattoos you are paying good money for are of the best possible quality.
If you are getting tattooed by Brent McCown then you can draw comfort from the fact that you are being tattooed by someone who has won several awards and has recently been voted by an international panel of experts as one of the world’s best tattooists.
He is in high demand so you need to book ahead, as he is quite often working the international tattoo conventions, you will need to find out when he is coming to a country near you. To find out, your best bet is to add him as a Myspace friend and ask, or check his tour dates.


Some of the following may also be considered services.

Slur Destructive
FMX, Mini  Trucking, Skateboarding.
Originally devised as a do it yourself clothing label to fund and spread the word on an underground skate/moto video production, Slur Destructive evolved as did the demand for their t shirts. Slur Destructive was further responsible for a series of BMX, FMX events and several infamous partys.

Fast forward to the present – now with a fresh new flavour, Slur Destructive continues to produce its quality Australian brand of street inspired clothing sticking with its original roots, supporting those that support us.

McAfee site advisor,
This is a great browser plugin that is available for both Firefox and Internet explorer, Once Site advisor bad link, Click to enlargeinstalled you will be able to quickly see if any of the sites you visit have passed McAfee’s “safe test”. Site advisor will check for any bad links in your emails and your instant messages. McAfee yellow warning
Site advisor also integrates itself into the results of all the major search engines, so you can see if the site is considered safe before you go there. A very good, easy to set up, free program that does not inhibit your browsing experience at all. A must have.

Tuff as Nuts
Now for some protection of a different kind.
Tuff as Nuts makes a great range of leather belt cases to protect your phone, PDAs,MP3 players and cameras.
If you work hard, play hard or if you are like me and hate how your phone is always falling out of your pocket straight into a bucket of wet plaster, then this is the protection you need.

More links will be added as time permits

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