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Allthough the intitle: or "index.of" search technque has been around for a while now, Most people either don't know or cant be bothered learning how to, and typing the string of words and symbols in to the search box can be a pain.
So I have made a search form that has the search string already embeded in place for those people, and will also try to explain how to tell the differance between a real result and a fake (or spam) result.
Those that already know can go ahead and use the "index of" search form. Those that are unsure how to get the best results from using this technque should read on.


1: When searching for titles with several words, use a period instead of a space, example: run.to.the.hills

2: If you visit a page from your search results, and see a lot of song titles, but instead of a list of files you see a list of folders (with song titles), then do not click on the folders. Clicking on the folders will in most cases take you to a html or spam page.

3: Use The McAfee® SiteAdvisor Extension for IE or FireFox. This can help you spot a spammy site within the search results. Do not visit any site that has been marked with a siteadvisor warning flag within your mp3 search results.

4: In the search results do not visit web addresses that have mp3 in the domain name,
EG: Mp3 in the domain name or www.mp3 in the domain name.
These sorts of sites that have the word mp3 in the first part of the domain name, are usually set up so they will rank highly in the search results, and spam you.

5: An indicator of a good directory is the description under the title in the results, you should see things like Dates, Times, and other files. The image below is a typical, good description I found when doing a search for hotel california.
text in a good description

More tips soon.

Here are a few search strings that you can try out just for a bit of fun.
Search the web using the following search strings to gain access to unsecure network cameras.
Just copy and paste one line at a time in to the searh box.

intitle:snc-rz30 inurl:home/
intitle:"live view" intitle:axis

UPDATE: The querry strings I had been using in my search pages are below.
To use these strings, First type the name of the file you want to find. (you do not need to type the extension, like .mp3.. Just the file name), Then copy and past the string that represents the type of file you are searching for.
EG: If you want to search for "hotel california" then you would choose the mp3 string and your search would be as follows...
hotel california -inurl:(search?words|=|aspx?|s...etc

If you have any problems, please let me know

-inurl:(search?words|=|aspx?|shtml|pdf|opendivx|cf|php|htm|html|asp|md5|jsp|md5sums|xxx) + "index of./" +(mp3|ogg|aac|wma) + parent.directory [SND] Apache

-inurl:(search?words|=|aspx?|shtml|pdf|opendivx|cf|php|htm|html|asp|md5|jsp|md5sums|xxx) + "index of./" +(3gp|3g2) + parent.directory [SND] Apache

-inurl:(search?words|=|aspx?|shtml|opendivx|cf|php|htm|html|asp|md5|jsp|md5sums|xxx) + "index of./" +(pdf|prc|lit|txt|rtf|doc|rgo|pdb|jar) + parent.directory [SND] Apache

-inurl:(search?words|=|aspx?|shtml|opendivx|pdf|cf|php|htm|html|asp|md5|jsp|md5sums|xxx) + "index of./" +(jpg|gif|png|jpeg|jpe|bmp) + parent.directory [SND] Apache

-inurl:(search?words|=|aspx?|pdf|shtml|opendivx|cf|php|htm|html|asp|md5|jsp|md5sums|xxx) + "index of./" +(avi|wmv|mpg|mpeg|flv|mov|rm|ram) + parent.directory [SND] Apache


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